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Журнал : Серії "Вісника Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка"

Категорія : Геологія

Випуск повністю
Kyselevych, L. Lithofacial Composition and Distribution of Middle Albian Strata within the Crimean Plains
MINERALOGY, GEOCHEMISTRY AND PETROGRAPHY Zagnitko, V., Mykhailov, V. Ukraine's Shale Bearing Strata Gas: Geochemical Features
Mitrokhin, A., Vishnevska, E. Mineralogical and Petrographical Peculiarities of Rozanovka Dyke Field Dolerites (Ingul Megablock of the Ukrainian Shield)
Gerasimets, I., Petrenko, O., Savchenko, T., Kardanets, J., Grechanovsky, A., Dudchenko, N. Synthesis and Properties of Biogenic Magnetite Synthetic Analogues
Vyzhva, S., Onyshchuk, D., Reva, N., Onyshchuk, V. Integrated Petroelectrical Models of Devonian Limestones and Cambrian Sandstones from Dobrotvirska Area of Volyno-Podilia
Kozlovskyy, E., Malytskyy, D., Pavlova, A. Determining and Analysis of Azimuthal Coefficients qi for the Seismically Active Transcarpathians
Skakal's'ka, L. Physical and Reservoir Properties Prediction for Reservoir Rocks in Unconventional Gas-Bearing Geological Structures
Karpenko, I. Lithologic and Geophysical Properties of Shale with a High Content of Kerogen
Mykhailov, V., Yemets, O. Organic Matter Maturity Level of the Dnieper-Donets Basin Deposits: Unconventional Gas Prospects
HYDROGEOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY Amjadi, A., Chomko, D. Cluster Analysis in Determining Subsoil Water Areas of Similar Chemical Composition in Shyraz and Horamabad Intermountain Troughs of Iran
Vyzhva, Z., Fedorenko, K., Vyzhva, A. Statistical Simulation of Seismic Noise in a Multidimensional Area in Determining Frequency Characteristics of Geological Media
Dubovenko, Yu. Uniquness of Approximation Calculations for Multilayered Density Interfaces
Azimov, O. Methodology of Research into the Earth's Crust Structure via Remote Sensing Technologies
Minenko, R., Minenko, P. Inverse Problems with Iterative High-Order Corrections in Gravity Measurements and Magnetometry
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