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Імені Тараса Шевченка

Журнал : Серії "Вісника Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка"

Категорія : Історія

Випуск повністю
A.Katrenko, N.Chyrykalo The sources for the history of Kyjvs'ka hromada in the 60–90-th years of XIX century
L.Melnyk Not Enouph-Known Description of Hetman State in the First Quarter of XVIII Century
T.Solovyova The description of the post roads of Ukraine as a source for studying social – economic development of the region in the first quater of XIX c
P.Tovstukha Blocks and agreements during the election campaign to the 2d State Duma of Russia
I.Micolaenko Zemskaja statistics on the teritori of Ukrainian land (1864–1917). The historiografi of problem
M.Kroutshelnytsky, O.Pilipchouk Some of the military-behavior aspects in context of building of Ukrainian State and international community
Z.Kunyc'ja The published sources for the history of ukrainian workers in 60–90 years of XIX century
O.Nazarchuk The revival of the Ukrainian Social-Democracy in the beginning of the 90 's of the XX century
I.Karsim From the history of foundation and the beginning of development Lviv`s Church (National) museum
L.Kozub Russian radical-democratik (narodnik) movement was appraisaled by M.P.Drahomanow
A.Danylevych D.M.Sherbakivs'kyj – the prominent ukrainiau studies scholar
O.Zacharchuc Non militirian methods of force in foreign policy of Napoleon Bonaparte
L.Tomilovich The characteristic features of social and economic development of territories by the river Ros of the mid-14th – mid-15th centuries. Ethnic processes'
O.Tupik Survivals of Paganism in Contemporary Ukraine (Transcarpathia Case Study)
L.Melnichuk The Pottery of Podillya in the Findings of Ethnographic Expeditions of the Twenties of the XX Century
T.Polushkina Science in Ukraine in 90 years of XX century
G.Kazmirchuk, T.Shcherba Some aspects of charity, sanitation and health services of practical activity of state public bodies on the Right Bank Ukraine in the second half of the XIXth century
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