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Журнал : Серії "Вісника Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка"

Категорія : Соціологія. Психологія. Педагогіка [до 2007 р.]

Випуск повністю
Bichuk I. Place of a lawful state in Bоgdan Kistjakivskij's sociological concept
Shandor F. The studies of the secularization process in the sociology
Tsimbaluk S. Becoming of a controversy about problems of modern development in western sociology
Uzva L. Methods of sociological questionnaire validization: practical experience of analysis inquirer
Kurdina I. Cognitive potential of expert judgment in sociological research: problem statement
Shchyhol I. Biographic methods applying for reconstruction of the course and creative development of life of writers (by biographic-literary articles)
Litvinov S. Structural genealogy of sociological production: theses and ideas
Kravchuk S. Age differences of aggressive person's reactions in difficult situations
Krajnjuk V. Techniques correct of psychological state life-savers in the posttraumatic period
Keryk O. Emotional and value components of self-conscionsness in psycho-tramatic situations
Prokopanich O. Ontogenetic patterns of the professional personality development
Fomichova V. Rational and irrational aspects of social behavior
Tretyakova U. Features of structure of the values orientations depending on individual-psychological descriptions of personality
Trofimov A. Social and psychological factors of management team functioning
Morya.M. The manifestation of attractive relations between schoolchildren
Tkach B. Individual-typological properties of student's youth, which incidentally uses alcohol and smokes
Moskalenko A. The management of the students' self-study work in High School Pedagogics
Tyuptya O., Mazarska A. To the problem of professional identity measuring (for example of profession "social worker")
Koshechko N. Methods of pedagogical activity in S.A.Ananjina's scientific and pedagogical researches
Yarovenko I. Securing of the scientific-pedagogical process in Great Britain of Ukrainians community cultural organizations in 1947–1991
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