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Журнал : Серії "Вісника Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка"

Категорія : Українознавство

Випуск повністю
Tsipko A. "Slavic mythology" of Mykola Kostomarov as the profound of the cultural genesis of Ukrainian people
Mostyaev O. A Theoretical-Methodology Matrix of Ukrainian Studies and Place in it M. Kostomarov's and V. Lypyns'ky's Sights
Voropayeva T. The Problem of Reconstruction of Kyivan Pantheon (980 year) in the M. Kostomarov Works
Yemets T. The Inluence of M. Kostomarov on the Forming of V. Vernads'ky Views: Ukrainological Aspect
Pasko I. "Kostomarov's" science and Shevchenko's poetry at the stage context
Fedorchenko I. The Problem of Ukrainian National Character in the Scientific Haritage of Mylola Kostomarov
Korolenko B. Crimean pages of the life and scientific work of M. Kostomarov
Hrabovs'ka I. Precondition of formation of the ideas of equality between women and men in the domestic historiosophical traditions (on the example of the creative heritage of Mykola Kostomarov)
Reva N. D.Doroshenko's vision of the reasons of Ukrainian revolution's 1917–1920 defeat
Bozhuk L. Dmytro Doroshenko's role in the Ukrainian educational space formation
Kahamlyk S. Religion as the integrative factor of the Ukrainian society in the views of V. Lypyns'ky and modern researchers
Kyryk L. The Evolution of the Concept of the Ukrainian State Formation Averyanova N. The Ukrainian national idea in the works of Viacheslav Lypyns'ky and its role in the modern stats creation
Ukrainian women's students on the St. Petersburg (Bestuzhev) Higher woman's courses (to the 130 anniversary of foundation of the first woman's university in Russia)
Koncha S. "Lenzianoi" and Polians
Vovk O. The specifics of the cooperation and confluences between Ukrainian villages and cities (20-th of XX centuries))
Sklzar V. Resettlement of Russians in territory of Ukraine: on materials of population censuses 1989 and 2001
Kuznyetsova I. The religion conversion and family relations on background of Ukrainian community in XVI st.: perspective of Ukrainian studies
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