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Журнал : Серії "Вісника Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка"

Категорія : Військово-спеціальні науки

Випуск повністю
Beshun O.A., Liakh М.А., Demianiuk О.S. Research of dynamics of the Diesel engine with power regulation, switching-off of cycles and their prospect
Dolgushyn V.P., Pampukha I.V., Loza V.M. An estimation of possibilities of radar stations of radio engineering troops on difference of multiple targets of "difficult" model on the basis of emission analysis behind algorithm of the maximum plausibility
Zherdev М.К., Vyshnivskyi V.V. The block diagramme of inbuilt diagnostic device of radio-electronic means of armament is generalised
Karpenko B.O., Badruk О.О., Savchynska N.Yu. Agency of terrestrial surface on accuracy of measurement of the basic informational parametre in the one-position passive phase meter
Lenkov С.V., Mokrytskyi V.А., Garkavenko А.S. Modification of properties of semi-conductor joint CDS at bombarding radiation by neon ions
Barabash О.V., SLiuniaev А.S., Savchenko І.М., Ploskonos І.М. Mathematical model of the informational installation for the intellectual informational an airport controlling system
Vylko V.М., Dziuba М.Т. Informational psychological wars and mass consciousness Gostiev V.Y., Skurtov S.N., Ivanchenko V.А. Robust of fuzzy-system of automatic control over object "hot-water boiler + heated building"
Dudikevych V.B., Rakobovchuk V.О., Sterenchuk V.М. Research of cryptographic transformations on an instance of the chosen historical code numbers in a package cryptool
Kuvshynov О.V., Voskolovych О.І., Makarchuk О.М. Functional model of system of a radio communication Onyshchuk М.І. Informational psychological maintenance of application of the armed contingents of the USA in modern local wars and confrontations
Prysiashniuk М.М. Psychological protection from manipulation agencies Yaremchuk Yu.Ye., Trush О.V. Magnetooptical means of technical protection of the information Aleshchenko V.І. Peace-making activity in historically-psychological measurement
Kanarskyi Ye.G., Мas V.М. Styles of individual behaviour of cadets in interpersonal conflicts Lefterov V.О. To a question of efficiency of psychological trainings
Oleksienko S.B. Applications of separate technicians of neurolinguistics programming in vocational training of law- enforcement agencies
Radkovych І.М. Features of psychological protection from manipulative agencies Shymko V.А. Professional dialogue of law-enforcement officers in especial conditions: communicative strategy
Vyshnivskyi V.V., Vasiechko S.V., Ivashchenko А.М., Shpura М.І. Transformation of views on maintenance of military security and state defence in modern conditions
Pampukha I.V., Savkova V.P., Kharchenko I.V., Kharchenko S.L. Substantiation of technologies development targets of a kernel of software management containing contents
Sashchuk І.М., Boloban S.І., Zhovnovatiuk R.М. Potential threats of safety of information in the automated systems Vashchenko І.V., Kuzmich О.І., Syzov А.І. Modern condition of organisation of wages of workers in Armed Forces of Ukraine
Kyrylenko І.V., Spitsyn М.М. Role of venture financing in development of innovative activity Lisovskyi V.І., Kuzmich О.І., Syzov А.І. Efficiency of expenses for training of personnel for Armed Forces of Ukraine in modern conditions
Medvediev Yu.B., Smal А.P. Defensive budget of Ukraine and other leading European countries Spitsyn М.М., Kyrylenko І.V Features of innovative activity as economic category Chystyk О.М., Medvediev Yu.B., Sofiienko А.P. Financial aspects of current and strategic planning of development of Armed Forces of Ukraine
Shpylovyi S.Ye. Formation of defensive budget in modern conditions
Aleshchenko V.І. Maslova М.G., Trakaliuk О.L., Debreniuk А.P., Volodarskyi V.L. Value of psychological (psychophysiological) studying of the military head for the solution of questions of frame management in Armed Forces of Ukraine
Mas N.М. Сharacteristic of structure of professional competence of the future military psychologists Оleksiienko S.B., Andrieti А.V. Constructive and destructive function of interpersonal conflicts Osodlo V.І. Methodical aspects of diagnostic, formation and development of psychological readiness of professional work
Radkovych І.М. Features of manipulative agencies in military sphere Yagupova О.V., Tykhonov G.М. Priority direction of innovative development of preparation of military specialists in higher education
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